Restaurant Row


One block, more than a century of culinary history.

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A short block nestled on the periphery of Times Square features a culinary history still in full swing. Situated on West 46th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues, Restaurant Row has been serving up the flavors of the world for generations. 

Although some Restaurant Row staples have been flourishing for over 90 years, the block’s dynamic character began forming in the years following World War II, when it was heavily settled by the French. French passenger liners arrived at the nearby Hudson River pier carrying immigrants, and many French families settled in the area, opening bistros and cafes which gave way to a strong emerging restaurant scene. 

The designation of Restaurant Row was made official in 1973. Then-Mayor John Lindsay remarked at the dedication, “Where else in the world, except possibly Paris, could you get 16 of the best restaurants collected in such a short strip of land?”

Although many of the restaurants on the block have changed since the dedication, Restaurant Row still has the same unique and vibrant character it did at its dedication. Only on Restaurant Row do the family-run Barbetta – which opened just three years after New Yorkers rode their first subway car and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006 – and established theater district favorite Joe Allen sit on the same block as restaurants like the sleek Sushi Seki, which features as sake sommelier as part of its distinct experience, and Swing 46, which hosts live entertainment every night.

Located conveniently close to Broadway and the Theater District, Restaurant Row is an ideal destination for the pre- and post-theater crowd, Broadway and Times Square employees, and Hell’s Kitchen residents. Whether you’re looking for Italian flavors, French classics, Japanese tastes, or treats from New Orleans, Restaurant Row has something for you.

In April 2017, Historic Restaurant Row welcomed a new asset that makes it even easier to explore the block's offerings: two eye-catching wayfinding kiosks that were installed at either end of the block. Each features a full list of Restaurant Row's dining establishments, listed in order of location and color-coded by cuisine. 

Next time you’re looking to try something new on the block, stop by the kiosk and check out what's there; you might find a whole new favorite.